Troubleshooting guide

TL;DR In order to help you if our application crashes for you, we need error texts, which can usually be found in the server logs (atlassian-jira.log) and/or in the browser console.

If you find an error in our app's operation, do the following to solve the problem most effectively:

  1. Immediately after the error occurs, open Developer Tools on the same page of your browser (on Windows, press F12; on Mac, option+command+i); switch to the "Console" tab, and see if there are any errors highlighted in red. If there are errors, make a screenshot of them, or copy the text.

  2. If you can reproduce the error, enable the DEBUG logging mode for our application and reproduce it again. The log will gather more complete information about what happened, which will help us solve the problem faster.

    To enable DEBUG mode:

    • Go to: Cog → System → (TROUBLESHOOTING AND SUPPORT section) Logging and profiling
    • Click "Configure logging level for another package"
    • In the window that appears, enter "systems.npe.jira.cfu" (for Custom Field Toolbox for Jira) or "systems.npe.jira.prjorg" (for Project Groups for Jira) in the "Package name" field, select "TRACE" in the "Logging level" field, and click Add.

    Important! After completing Step 3, switch our app's logging level to WARN. To do this:

    • Go to: Cog → System → (TROUBLESHOOTING AND SUPPORT section) Logging and profiling
    • In the package list, find systems.npe.jira.cfu and click WARN in this row.
  3. Create a zip file containing useful information about your instance. To do this, go to:Cog → System → (TROUBLESHOOTING AND SUPPORT section) Support tools → Create support zip tab

    The "JIRA application logs" checkbox must be checked in the list that appears; if others are also checked, it will help us solve your problem faster.

    If you don't want to create a support zip, just a zipped atlassian-jira.log will be enough. The most important thing is that it was active at the time of the error.

  4. Create an issue in our Help Center, describe your problem, and attach the files received in steps 1 and 3.